What should we be working on now?


So I think now that we’ve got most of the teething issues out of the way we should look at what’s actually missing or just not very good, rather than just crashing or broken heh. I have some ideas that have been kicking around:

  • letting people compose their own puzzle collections and within the app you could add those collections and ideally end up with more jigsaws in line with your own tastes, there’s a thread about it.

  • a heart button or something to ‘like’ the puzzles, basically the same as the forum works although we don’t write the forum software, this would let us do some nice stuff in the catalog like browsing by popularity or browsing the best puzzles from each month.

  • a profile export / import service so you could upload your saved data to our servers temporarily then download it again on your other device. We used to use a service from Amazon to facilitate this in the background called WhisperSync but eventually removed their software.

What about your ideas?


I have a Samsung with a 10" screen, but when I select the settings button in the upper left corner, the menu screen is larger than my tablet, so I cannot correctly select color choices and can barely read the selections at the bottom.


Thanks @Granny, I will try and get a fixed build uploaded tomorrow.


@Granny can you let me know the model of your device? You might like to check for updates too because recently I did a lot of work on scaling the different screens better in version 4.0.23 so there might be some updates available for you.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I think I have downloaded all updates.


Thanks @Granny, going to dive into testing at that resolution and see if I can get you a fix finally!


Hi @Granny I have a new build I’m preparing to upload now, I think it will resolve your issue but I’m not 100% sure just yet.

Have you noticed anything that doesn’t fit properly anywhere else?


The pieces on the piece bar still “jump” off and the pieces on the piece bar need to be reduced to match the spaces in the puzzle. The fix on other sizing issue isn’t available to me yet. I will let you know as soon as I receive it.