What our jigsaws looked like in 2013!


I recently came across this old web-based version of our jigsaw puzzles from 2013! Amazing what 5 years can do to improve an app!

Castle Jigsaw Puzzles

It will only run on computers with Flash which is basically just desktop computers’ Chrome Web Browser these days so I took some screenshots to show how bad it was!


I like the improvements you have made.
Ben. Your current puzzles are much better. Im still stuck in starting the new puzzles. The puzzles will not open up for me. Linda.


Thanks @garccoop. You mentioned previously using the test version but it was out of date and needed updating, did you update that? If you’re using it from an App Store which one was it? There’s updates pending on both iOS and the Amazon Underground stores at the moment.


Ben I hope you still read the remarks in your system. I would like my puzzles back that you took from my system .