Upcoming improvements in 4.0.3


Menu improvement
The background texture on the main menu should cover the full screen now, it was not filling to the edges on some iOS devices and possibly Android device with the same resolution. Downloading puzzles are now prepended to the Downloaded list so any puzzles you’re waiting for will be at the top of the screen.

Menu thumbnails
The puzzle thumbnails are grouped into images holding 25 thumbs so there’s significantly fewer files to download and that performs much better. While the puzzle numbers are subject to change the catalog will re-download those files each time it refreshes.

Catalog browsing
For each puzzle we have a description field which is often a location, that data is going to be used as tags in the catalog so it will be simple to filter by country or other criteria. The tags are going to each have a button at the top of the catalog. A table-mode showing puzzle information is also being added that will provide another way to browse puzzles and help find them by name.