Screen freezes also Tablet shuts down


Hi new to Puzzleboss and love the selections. Only problem I am having is screen freezes when actually doing puzzle and some times MY samsung Galaxy Tablet version 10 shuts down. When I re boot the tablet I have to start from scratch does not store what I had “Started”. Any tips many thanks

Likely fix incoming for Samsung crashes

Hi @puzzlelover, thanks for reporting this it’s the 2nd time we’ve had trouble with Samsung tablets lately. I will add some logging information to see if we can figure out what is causing this.


Thank you. your fix has worked on Samsung Tablet. Not froze or
shutdown in 2 days. Very happy and enjoying your fabulous puzzles.


The latest fix solved my screen freeze and shutdown on Samsung Tablet. Alas now I have other issues. Pieces are not locking in place, correct box Is ticked on Advanced Setting


Hi @puzzlelover I’ve just in the last hour pushed an update out that fixes that, try checking for updates now or a little bit later it should be available soon on the Play Store.