Puzzles for seniors


I’m looking to buy some puzzle APPs for an 86 year old Vet. I need pictures that would be easy for him to piece together without requiring skilled placement and alignment. Do your puzzles allow the pieces to be moved about if he makes a mistake?


These puzzles should be fine. Select the smallest number of pieces and he will enjoy the challenge as he solve them. The next time he can go for a higher number of piece puzzle. This will help the person use his mind, and hands.


Usability is something we’ve always been focused on albeit I’m sure there’s room for improvement, some features that may help with impaired fine motor skills like disabling gestures in the advanced puzzle settings, locking the puzzle board, and by default the pieces permanently lock into position when they’re correctly placed within the middle of the board.

Post back if there’s something we can do to make our puzzles more usable. My MIL actually had a huge stroke recently so I’m growing interested in ways our work could be used in rehab and PT.