Puzzles don't load


I recently purchased 3 puzzles from Amazon Egypt, Colombia and Vatican. They all show downloaded to my Kindle Fire but none of them will open. Amazon has refunded my purchase price but I wonder if other users are having the same problem.


Hi @Penny,

What device are you using?



@Penny can you try this version - https://www.amazon.com/dp/B019GZJ88Y - this is what we’re working on now, a single title with a massive catalog (currently 260 puzzles) that we’re importing from our archives and adding new ones. That’s the “Amazon Underground” version which should be freely available for most Amazon devices.


I am using a Kindle Fire 7


Hi Penny,

I have fixed the crash that was affecting those apps. I still recommend checking out our new “Unlimited” jigsaws though as they have 1200 pieces, better puzzles and a lot more of them!



Hi @Penny, our older apps should be working again now.