Puzzles dissappear


My puzzles dissappear off the screen and I cant get them back. I’ve been using puzzleboss for over a year with no problems. I recectly downloaded the ultimate catalog and began working those puzzles and they don’t work as well as the apps I have downloaded. How do I get my half-finished puzzles back so I can finish them?


Hi @kayis, are you using Underground? It has an out-of-date version that has become much more stable but it’s not been approved yet, hopefully this week or early next week it will be.


I am having the same problem as Kayis.I try to work the puzzles you have given us and they are very unstable. Trying to place one piece in the puzzle and it keeps moving away from me. I come back to the puzzle and what ever work I’ve done to the puzzle it’s gone and I have to start again.
one thing I want to suggest is give us more puzzles with human beings or animals. They are more interesting to put together than scenery puzzles. Linda Cooper.


I have a new version preparing now that I will be uploading this morning. It will become available on Google Play later today, on Amazon and iOS probably tomorrow, and then Underground maybe next week some time depending on Amazon’s approval process.

Thanks for the feedback on the puzzle themes, that’s really helpful.


I’m afraid I don’t know what Underground is. I’m using a Samsung Galaxy Tab S2 tablet. I went to puzzle boss.com looking for new puzzles and i found unlimited puzzles somewhere on the website and just downloaded it.

I have discovered if I lock the screen every time I want to pinch the it to expand or reduce the puzzle, I don’t lose the puzzle. A bit annoying and time wasting but it’s better than losing a half-done puzzle. I have worked more than 100 puzzleboss puzzles over the last 16 months and this is the first time I’ve had a problem.


Hi @kayis, you’re using our test version. There’s an updated version available in this thread and more updates will be posted there in the future. You can get updates automatically through the app store versions as well.

To install the updated version just tap this link and install it again, it should preserve your saved data.



I can now no longer open the unlimited puzzle app. I’ve paid for a monthly subscription and can’t open a puzzle. So, how do I fix this or cancel my subscription?


Hi @kayis, if it is presenting the subscription wall again you can tap the purchase button and it will reinstate the existing one. Your subscription is going to be listed in your account settings on your tablet, outside of our app, the exact steps to find your subscriptions and manage them depends on which App Store you’re using so just let me know which one it is if you need help.


That has happened to me before. The puzzle cannot fit properly in the screen. Hope they fix it.