PuzzleBoss Unlimited on Amazon free tablet


Help!!! I have been using PuzzleBoss Unlimited for quite awhile. About a month ago,I noticed that I can’t get on it any longer. When I click on the app it attempts to load the just takes me back to my home screen. Did something happen to it for the Amazon fire tablet? I hope someone can help me with this. I really want to get back on it.


Did you try holding down the on button of your kindle to the count of 40 seconds. Then restarting it? If so, perhaps uninstalling, then reinstalling the app?I
Hope that helps.


Thanks for the reply. Yes I have tried both. And the same thing still happens. And it’s only the unlimited version that has like 500, 1200 piece puzzles. I really want to get it working. I love the challenge of that one.