"Puzzleboss unlimited has stopped"


I have installed this app at least four times. It will work for a while, but sometimes after I download new puzzles, it gives the above message. The only wsy I have been able to get past that is to uninstsll and reinstall. Consequently, I lose everything I’ve already completed. I started getting this same messzge before I ever downloaded the Unlimited. I lost 21 sets of puzzles I had previously downloaded from puzzleboss (free snd purchased)!
I love puzzleboss puzzles, but I am just about fed up with the issues and lack of response when I submit an issue to support!


Hi Granny what App Store are you using and what device. If you’re using the Underground App Store you might like to try our test version as it’s quite a bit newer due to Amazon being slow to approve updates.


I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab A. I downloaded the unlimited set from the Puzzleboss web site. To date I have spent $87.70 on puzzles I can no longer access.


Hi @Granny, This is something specifically going wrong with the graphics technology primarily in Samsung tablets, but it’s a problem within one of the tools we use rather than our own software. There’s a tentative fix being discussed so I’m hopeful we’ll be able to resolve this soon.

Likely fix incoming for Samsung crashes

Will I be able to retrieve all those sets of puzzles? Most were uninstalled when they stopped working. (Uninstalling and reinstalling had worked on a previous set with the same problem. I had contacted puzzleboss and never received a response, so that was my resolution.)


All purchases should still be available in the App Store you got them from within your purchase history. We’re eventually going to archive them and that will just mean people can’t buy them anymore, they will still be installable from your purchase history.