Please share information on crashes


Can you try installing this version and see how it goes. You might have to enable installing apps from unknown sources which will be buried in your device settings somewhere. To install it just download the file then open it and it will have a familiar app install screen.


Found model #NX16A10132S


I installed it and after loaded I tried a puzzle and things worked fine then did another one and it crashed and reloaded puzzle and started and seconds crashed. I don’t understand why works once then starts crashing.
Thanks for your time and wish it would stop crashing as I’m sure you do also.


Just crashed again why is the puzzles crashing??? I guess I will
give up until you can get it fixed


It’s a bit of a mystery, I can see the crash logs within the Google Play dashboard but the information is not helpful in figuring out the cause.


I have a big new build ready to upload tomorrow, it addresses the crashing which is caused by the size of the catalog and it also finally addresses device rotation making it possible from any screen along with a bunch of scaling-related issues. It’s looking good from a 4" phone all the way up to a 12" tablet in testing now, unfortunately that happened just a bit too late to actually package it up and submit to the app stores today.