Please share information on crashes


With the new release going up I’ve been watching the crash logs and there’s one I’ve seen but haven’t been able to track down yet because the logs aren’t much help.

If you have a crash please post about what you were doing when it happened, if you can reproduce the crash with step-by-step instructions that’s even more helpful!


Puzzle started fine then started to freeze up then would unfreeze and then after about 6 time of that then puzzle turns black and have to start all over, Having this problem for several days, On 2 of the puzzles I was 3/4 of way finished and it crashed. I really enjoy doing puzzles and yours are the best until I started having this problem.


Hi @holly,

Was that on the Amazon, Amazon Underground, Play or iOS App Store?



I’m gonna start a thread on bugs I see. No need to reply there unless you need more specifics. As I get chances to play with newer versions ill try to cross out solved ones.


I currently have 30 puzzles installed on my kindle fire hdx. Some were installed a few years ago . I wanted to replay some of them and checked them all for crashing. 13 of them will no longer load past the title screens. They were all individual purchases through Amazon. I do not have the unlimited app nor the amazon store app installed. Titles: dogs, tigers, Best Vol 3, Venice Carnival, storms, sharks, bold birds, big cats, butterflies, animals, aquarium fish 2 and amazing.


Hi @Bubba, we had a temporary issue with our analytics server the other day but it should be OK now. Are they still not opening? If you try it with wifi turned off does it work?

If you’re in the US or UK your HDX probably has access to the “Actually Free” version of our new Unlimited catalog on Amazon Underground - - that’s free to use all the time and almost up to 300 puzzles (and we’re still adding stuff we love from our archives retroactively and new puzzles too).


Hi @Bubba can you try one of the apps now? I think the problem has been resolved but it’s possible existing installations have written files incorrectly on local storage that will crash when read.


The same thing happens. I see the title screen…big cats…then it blinks and closes


Can you try reinstalling it first or was that freshly installed?

The other thing that it might be is Whispersync which is Amazon’s service to store puzzles in progress online, that can be disabled by tapping that little white box that opens down the bottom of the screen as the app opens, then a larger white box will open up and on the top left corner is a little beach ball. When you tap the beach ball there will be a menu that opens up and you can tap settings and turn off “Whispersync for Games”.

I think either way it needs to start from a fresh install though at the moment due to badly-written files the app creates causing a 2nd crash when they’re read.


I went back away tried the rest. Only Dogs and Big Cats aren’t opening now.


Reinstalled big cats. All are working now. Thanks so much for the assistance!


Hi I have a Next book and down loaded puzzles from google games didn’t have a problem when I would downloaded 1 puzzle but when the gallery was available I downloaded it and love it but the last month it keeps crashing then have to start all over what do you suggest my problem is


Hi @holly can you check for updates because there was a problem with a specific graphics chip inside some devices that caused a lot of crashes for them, we fixed that just the other day so the update might still be waiting to install on your device.


I downloaded the new unlimited app you referred to and it is not opening. I tried removing it and reinstalling several times. Now, also my butterflies puzzle isn’t opening again. Sorry…


Hi @Bubba Butterflies should be better now, a server shut down that should restart properly next time.


Yes, it loads now. Reinstalled puzzle boss unlimited amazon underground again and it opens to a title screen, blinks and closes.


Hi @Bubba the update on Underground is still pending approval. Unfortunately Amazon have the longest update approval process out of all of the app stores, I don’t have a date when it will be approved and I’m only a little bit optimistic that it will happen this week.


Yes I did all updates and no different then before I updated
Is there a device that is able to handle puzzle unlimited?
I am willing to buy a new I Pad or whatever is out there that will work with your puzzles! I really enjoy your puzzles!! If you don’t know of any then I’ll just delete puzzle unlimited
Thanks for your time and look forward to your reply of what deice your puzzles are compatible with


@holly thanks for posting. Do you know the exact model of your tablet? I’ve been looking at the Nextbook website and it seems like they use a different type of CPU called Atom which is from the family of CPUs commonly used in computers rather than tablets. I am compiling a test version that will hopefully work with that CPU, I think that is the problem.


Only thing I found is( INTEL inside )which was on back
of I pad.