Nine more additions to our Unlimited Catalog (Feb 21)


Most of these are new but a couple of them came from our archives so they will be retroactively numbered somewhere amongst the older puzzles.

Jacksonville Zoo Carousel

Preparing Pasta

Shadow House

California National Historic Trail

Snuggling Kangaroos

Exploratory Diving

Drifting at Lydden Hill

Rose Heart

Gourmet Baking


Thank you for including me in these new puzzles. They seem to be very nice.


Can you make this game so that anybody can play it without subscribing to it? I mean, can you make all puzzle sizes, but the 1200 piece size, playable without a subscription? I just feel that the 1200 piece puzzles are for true puzzle masters who want to stay subscribed to the game.


We spent the last 2 years giving most of our puzzles away on Amazon Underground and it was great but that app store shut down months ago and has limited availability now as you saw so we don’t get to keep doing that unfortunately.


How about adding a feature where you get to pay once and you can play forever?


You know ultimately we all lose if we charge once because it leaves us endlessly needing new customers to pay for our biggest fans checking in daily to see if there’s new puzzles.

Beyond just being free there’s far more that could be done in that vein but the hard part is finding a way where any of it is possible without gliding into bankruptcy. There’s a thing in software development called open source which is a way of licensing your code such that anyone can get a copy of it.

In a perfect world the jigsaw source code would be readily available to anyone for learning or improving or making their own apps or making it work on other platforms, devices, languages etc. Also our companion software we wrote for managing and publishing puzzles. At that point we could do some really cute stuff like having the option to add 3rd-party feeds to download puzzles from within the same app.

Unfortunately we’re a long way from that being viable just now.