Game Crashing Upon Opening


Since update 4.0.3, the game will not load anymore! It just straight-up crashes on startup. I use a Samsung Galaxy S7 with Android 7.0. Can you please fix the bug for me?


I use my Kindle and love this game, but I cannot save part-solved puzzles, save and quit just does nothing.


@Ben_G_and_The_Boov are you using the Play Store? If you are there is a 4.0.5 or 4.0.6 update available that fixes that crash. If you’re using Amazon then it might be a few more days or there’s an alternative (see below).

@ethel172 If you’re on the Amazon Underground app the approval process is really slow but should be approved soon. There’s an updated version on the ordinary Amazon App Store that has a 2-month free trial you can use for free in the meantime if you want, just don’t forget to cancel the subscription before switching back:


I downloaded it from the Play Store. I have the latest version, but it still crashes on startup. Can you help me find out why?


Hi @Ben_G_and_The_Boov I’ve uploaded a version 4.0.7 update that I think will fix the issue. The crash is being caused by a library not being found but I’m having trouble reproducing it on our own devices. You may also use this version which doesn’t have the problem, installing it requires enabling “install apps from unknown sources” in your device settings then just tap the link: