Five More additions to our Unlimited Catalog (Apr 2)


Back from Easter with some fantastic new puzzles to kick off April’s additions to our catalog! Starting with another adorable baby rhinoceros somehow!

Baby Rhinoceros Calf

Restored 1966 Vincent MPH

Dublin Parade March

Proboscis Monkeys

Hiking Volcan Villarica


Very nice pictures.
I have been sending feedback on your puzzles but the email address you provide are no good.
When you have a real email address let me know Ben.


Hi @garccoop, we really need to change our email address as the app stores publish it everywhere and an ecosystem of crap companies is stealing email addresses and spamming relentlessly. We are going to switch it over to something new eventually but I think the forums have worked really well, I plan on showing the forum activity in the puzzle menu as well so it will be better integrated.