Fifteen more additions to our Unlimited catalog (Feb 7)


Halifax Bomber

Colorful Necklaces

Durham Buildings

Fiscal Bridge

Painted Harley Davidson

Grand Prismatic Springs

Cabin at Bluff Fort

Ruth Asawa Fountain

USS Ross Live-Fire Exercise

Mark Twain Riverboat

Mayan-style Chess

Trevi Fountain

Hawk at Wildlife Research Institute

French Windows

Dome of the Pantheon


Sir, thank you for the new puzzles. I can’t understand why you took 20 of my puzzles and turned them all into duplicates. I enjoy my puzzles I have paid for them. I don’t mind you giving and trying new ideas. But please don’t my puzzles that I love and enjoying working.


Hi @garccoop sorry about, many of the puzzles are going to be coming back as we dig through our archives. If there’s any puzzles in particular you were interested in please let me know as we have thousands of them in a queue waiting for all the additional information, tags and higher resolution formats that we use now.


Sir, this new puzzles that have taken the place of the ones that I had on my tablet are basically all the same. The 1st one has three puzzles. The rest of them have come through but you can’t work the puzzle on another day cause they close up.
I wouldn’t have said anything if you had given me the opportunity to say yes I want t O be apart of your new program you are trying to put together. I was not notified of what you were attempting to do.