Eight more additions to our Unlimited Catalog (Feb 16)


Some new puzzles today:

Majestic Bull Elk

Peruvian Cheese

Cathedral Basilica of Saint Mark

Punakh Dzong

And some from our archives:

Cape Roseway

Patagonian Guanaco

St John’s Gardens

Lake Martin


Can I play PuzzleBoss Unlimited Jigsaws without a subscription?


Hi @Ben_G_and_The_Boov you can get it without subscription either on Amazon Underground, it’s not the current version but it will eventually update automatically:

You can also install it on your device from the beta thread and come back for updates, they’d need to be manually installed but will go straight over the previous version without messing up your saved puzzles etc.


It’s telling me that I’m not eligible for geographical reasons to download from Amazon Underground! I am from the United States, I was able to download from the Play store, and I obviously should be able to download it from Amazon Underground, but no! What do I do? Can you fix this problem?Screenshot_20180219-212816|281x500


I think you need Amazon tablets to access the free Underground apps, but not the new Fire 10. They actually started winding that store down unfortunately. Did you get my private message yesterday?