Bugs I'm seeing


@Lonn there’s a new build 4.0.21 that fixes that.

What are your thoughts about the piece rotation now that it’s had a bit of time with the fix-on-tap, do you miss trying to figure out the correct orientation?


As far as rotation goes I’m probably not the one to ask. I do like the way it is working now but because of my sight I have a hard time working a puzzle larger than 96 pieces with rotation on simply because I can’t clearly make out the pieces. When working them on the older version I rarely had a problem figuring out orientation but it is a nice feature. I will often drag a piece that is turned to the proper place in the puzzle then tap to orient then have to tap/drag slightly to get it to lock but that is a minor issue at best.

As far as the piece bar goes it is now working perfectly in my normal bottom position that I use because of my screen ratio. I tried it in all 4 positions during the course of a 260 piece puzzle and had no problems except for on the right side I had several problems with a piece popping under the bar while trying to move the pieces up and down but that was all.

Outside of that one issue that I’m not likely to run into I had no real issues at all.

I should add that I have been playing all puzzles in landscape orientation and haven’t tried playing in portrait mode at all. I may try a few puzzles in portrait mode just for the sake of it.