Bugs I'm seeing


Somehow it lost a couple of pieces.


Alrighty, going to start working on today’s build. I’ll start with these piece bar issues that carried over from yesterday, I’ll check out those missing pieces after they must have somehow ended up underneath the completed portion (or something heh).

Will definitely work on improving the catalog too, there’s a lot of room for improvement there because we have to be mindful of when there may be thousands of puzzles over the coming years! One of the things I want to do there is a tag browsing mode that doesn’t filter but does something like:

[puzzle] [puzzle] [puzzle]

next tag

another tag
[puzzle] [puzzle]

Also hoping to do that for browsing, and filtering, by photographer because some have multiple works that are really lovely.


Another bug I have noticed is that inner pieces of the puzzle are mingling with the separated edge pieces at the start.


Posted a version 4.0.12 update that should see the piece bar issues resolved.


Piece bar bugs mostly gone. It will occasionally throw a random piece off as soon as I touch the bar. Most often to the opposite side of screen. This far far rarer than previously. This seems to happen most often if I touch and drag in one motion. I only had it happen a couple of times when I touch,short pause,drag.

Another thing is you can’t drag across the preview. The piece will pause at the preview edge then continue under as my finger passes off the preview.

Puzzle didn’t go to completed when last piece placed.
No more non edge mix into edge yeah!

160 piece puzzle piece bar on bottom for this post


When I open the game the third time after terminating it completely, I get the black screen.


Thanks @Ben_G_and_The_Boov Ben going to look into that. Also going to dive into your reports @Lonn, thanks everyone!


Posted a new version 4.0.13 build that takes care of the piece bar again, and supports dragging pieces under the preview @Lonn. In the catalog it tags puzzles as completed or started too.

@Ben_G_and_The_Boov I’ve been able to get a crash instead of opening a couple times but I haven’t figured out what it is yet.


Catalog is working as promised and dragging under preview is even better than the old releases because of the transparency. But, and this has to be frustrating for you, pieces are still jumping out of piece bar and I can find no pattern to it. In 4.0.12 placing the jumped pieces back into the piece bar was a matter of staging the finger off and then back onto the piece bar while now I have to place my finger on the piece and drag it back so something changed.

It does seem that about half the time the piece that jumps off the bar lands on or near the last piece placed in its proper position but just as often it appears somewhere randomly.


New one for you.
I started a puzzle in portrait mode, rotated to landscape, toggled rotating pieces and tried to resize puzzle. The whole thing background and all jumped to one side and when I touched to drag back on it disappeared completely leaving this:

This reminds me of a minor bug I keep forgetting to report. When I resize puzzle it tends to jump around a bit but nothing like this.


Second try at using rotating pieces. No problem starting puzzle but I’m a bit confused. Each time I touched a piece it immediately rotated to its proper orientation and would not rotate again. And when I turned on the puzzle bar all pieces were properly oriented. Is this a bug or something not yet fully implemented?


I actually changed the rotation so that on one tap it would correct itself back to the original orientation so you don’t have to guess which way the pieces go but it still adds difficulty to finding them. What do you think?


Good idea but in practice the pieces are clumped up when scattered so you either need to drag them apart or put them on the piece bar and either way they are straightened out before you start looking for where they go.

If you could drag them without reorientation and only straighten out on a tap it would have that effect as long as the piece bar was off. As for the piece bar I suspect it would be harder to leave them rotated on the piece bar but if you could I think you would have the effect you wanted.

To add even more dificulty, both for the player and your programming, it could be set up so that a tap would square the piece off then each additional tap would rotate it 90 degrees. While a double tap would orient the piece correctly.


I have a new version incoming that drags the pieces rotated and then only straightens them when you tap on them. It also spreads the pieces out more at the start. Hopefully got the win detection down properly too as there were two rotation-specific bugs that may have considered pieces grouped when they weren’t.


If you manage to drag a rotated piece to the right position before you tap it to straighten it out it becomes stuck while turned and won’t straighten out. Also I managed to stick together two pieces where one was turned and the other was not. After poking at them a few times they became unstuck so I straightened the one and stuck them together. Not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

I probably should have mentioned this much earlier but all this testing is on a ASUS ZenPad 3S 10.


Thanks @Lonn, got a fix for this on the way.


This should be fixed in version 4.0.17 along with a possible crash resuming puzzles with rotation on.


Today’s build is going to take care of the crash resuming.


I’m trying 4.0.19 today and the piecebar is improved a good bit. Now when a piece jumps off the piece bar it at least jumps back under my finger as I drag on the screen although I have to let go of and then grab it again to place it back on the piece bar.

I am again having trouble with multiple pieces breaking apart when being dragged around the screen although this time they all follow my finger around slightly displaced from each other. When I let go I have to touch each piece to get them to join together again.

Overall it is getting back to being an enjoyable game to play and, bugs and all, the best jigsaw puzzle app I’ve found on android or iOS.


Thanks so much @Lonn, I’m diving into these issues now.