Bugs I'm seeing


This will be bugs I’m seeing. No need to reply unless you need more details.

Pieces that I lock together that are not in their final position don’t stay locked together. fixed

After I finished a puzzle the app wasn’t acknowledging it as solved. I grabbed the finished puzzle to drag it around the screen and about half the puzzle (random pieces from all over) moved around leaving the rest in place. This could be the reason it’s not showing as finished. I haven’t been able to reproduce this behavior.

Toggling the piecebar can pull pieces locked together apart and back onto the piecebar. fixed


Touching the piecebar can cause pieces to jump off bar to random places on the screen. Often to under the piecebar.

Pieces that are pulled (or jump) off the piecebar can’t be put back on the piecebar.

Pulling pieces off the bar generally puts them on the puzzle bed much lower than my finger but sometimes in a random location the piece is still locked to my dragging finger but never under it.

Pulling pieces off the bar sometimes will pull a different piece off the bar than the one I’m touching.


Pieces in bar are larger than the ones on the table. I’m not sure if this is a bug or by design. But it does make it hard for me to patterns match pieces.


When separating edge pieces on scattering pieces. A lot of middle pieces get mixed in with the edges.ww


That’s actually by design, they can scale independently now so you can see the entire puzzle while you search through huge pieces to see the detail. You can pinch-to-zoom on the piece bar to scale it, I’ve been thinking it should be dragging the edge though.


I was going to demonstrate that with a screenshot cause it’s cool how you can see the whole puzzle, the preview, the piece bar all at once with great clarity … and found two more bugs heh.

  • preview isn’t scaling properly in the puzzle settings
  • dragging the floating preview is erratic


I was about to comment on dragging preview. fixed

Sizing the piece bar works well for me. I prefer “pinch to shrink or zoom” but can work with either.

Piece bar is also ending with a half piece showing. I’m pretty sure it’s the last piece being cut off but I’m not positive.

Yes it’s the last piece, the fewer pieces in the bar the more of the last piece that’s shown.


The reason I like pinch zooming is that by starting with my fingers far apart I have finer zoom control.


I have a new build incoming that fixes the grouped pieces separating - http://gofile.me/6x14A/Yw9hIQKBJ.


I just downloaded the update, but after a few minutes, when I open the game again, it is just a black screen and I can’t do anything. Please fix it.


Looking into it @Ben_G_and_The_Boov, thanks!


So far I’m not having lockup problems.

The cutoff piece bar may only be happening in the 48 piece puzzles I’m using for speed it didn’t happen in the 96 piece puzzle I just tried.

I still haven’t been able to get a completed puzzle in the 48 piece puzzle but the 96 piece puzzle went to completed when there was one piece left to place.

When toggling the piece bar off then on pieces that have been put together, but not placed in their final place in the puzzle, are broken apart and put back in piece bar.

It would be nice when toggling the piece bar if it remembered the magnification.


I tried the bar in all four positions. Bottom placement is what I have been using until now.

Positioning to the right was frustrating, pretty much every time I touch the bar a random piece jumped off.

On the left or top seemed to work best. I still had random pieces pop off but not nearly as often. When pulling pieces off they landed on the board close to where my finger actually was most times.

Still no way to get pieces back on bar but toggling it.


So far:
12 piece completes at last piece.
48 piece doesn’t complete
96 piece completes one piece early.
160 piece completes one piece early.

And I’m out for the day more tomorrow.


Alright, I’m getting a coffee and then I’m going to start going through all this. Thanks for all the help @Lonn!


New build 4.0.11 incoming that addresses:

  • dragging pieces onto the piece bar

  • grouped pieces returning to the piece bar

  • last piece being clipped on the piece bar


I’m still getting a black screen on opening the game, and it happens the third time I open it after clearing data or installing it. Still, separate upon scatter and other switches in the advanced options pop-up menu will not stay at off. Plus it inevitably crashes when I hit the back button on my Galaxy S7 sometimes.


Thanks @Ben_G_and_The_Boov. When you open the game and it’s a black screen was the app already open? That would be if you used it previously and left without exiting by pressing home or jumping to another open app?


Not a bug but a request. Is it possible to mark in some way a puzzle that has been downloaded on the catalog screen?

Having a lot of problems trying to get the piece I want off the piece bar at times.
Video is of me trying to get an edge piece off.

One of these will work I hope.

If not then https://www.dropbox.com/s/e7wwdtuu0zzdvbk/2018_02_02_09_20_15.mp4?dl=0


fixed mostly
A bit more info on piece bar problem. Immediately after turning on piece bar you can generally just drag the piece you want off bar. The next piece you want can be dragged off by pulling on the piece before (to the left on the bottom piece bar.) for each piece you pull off the pull point gets further from the piece and for each piece you put back on it gets closer again.

Well on further play that’s not consistently happening exactly that way it’s more complex. I’m hoping it might give you a starting point.