4.0.25 beta version


The other thread’s getting quite lengthy now so going to start a new one for each version I think. This build continues to focus on polishing the app, there’s also some fixes for problems we’re aware of mostly with scaling the piece bar.

This version has been submitted to all of our app stores and is pending approval on Underground and iOS.

To install test versions you need to enable installing apps from unknown sources in your device settings then tap this app file to download and open it:

Version 4.0.25 notes:

  • fixed piece bar positioning and size
  • fixed infinite scrolling on menus
  • menu browsing settings persist in profiles
  • added puzzle notes to the board
  • added advanced setting to show/hide puzzle notes
  • added status screen to show if your subscription is IAP or other
  • align gallery buttons between puzzle preview and size selection


Puzzles not locking when the lock icon is engaged.


Oops. Got a fix for that coming in the next build.


It’s still coming sorry about the delay, the last Underground and iOS versions are still under review but hopefully it will be cleared up today.