4.0.24 beta version


Currently 4.0.24 (Monday, 26th of February):

To install it you will need to enable “install apps from unknown sources” somewhere in your device settings then just tap to download and install:

Version 4.0.24 changes

  • remembers piece bar zoom
  • correctly sorts started and completed puzzles in the menu
  • the menu remembers your last browsing mode and position
  • writes saves to storage immediately (relevant thread)

Fixed in 4.0.23

  • fixed crash that may occur from caching too many thumbnails
  • fixed black background color
  • fixed device orientation changing
  • fixed screen scaling on small screens

Fixed in 4.0.22

  • support for Intel CPUs

Fixed in 4.0.20

  • spacing between pieces while dragging

Fixed in 4.0.19

  • piece bar should be less erratic removing pieces
  • pieces cannot leave the board
  • pieces removed from the piece bar cannot be placed outside of the board
  • jigsaw menus scale properly

Fixed in 4.0.18

  • pieces correctly detect and connect to neighboring pieces

Fixed in 4.0.17

  • rotated pieces connecting to the selected piece
  • background color and texture selection

Fixed in 4.0.16

  • Samsungs and devices with similar graphics chips should not crash

Fixed in 4.0.15

  • more spacing between pieces at the start of a puzzle and when scattered
  • rotated pieces fix rotation when tapped, not dragged
  • randomize scattering locations each time
  • better win detection

Fixed in 4.0.14

  • menu can’t scroll indefinitely

Fixed in 4.0.13

  • delete puzzle options open and close correctly
  • catalog shows completed or started, for brevity it only shows one status deferring to completed
  • fixed erratic piece removal from the piece bar
  • fixed dragging pieces across the preview

Fixed in 4.0.12

  • fixed detecting which piece is being touched on the piece bar
  • fixed piece bar usage on the right or bottom of the screen
  • save and apply changes in ‘advanced puzzle settings’
  • no more inner pieces mixing with the edged pieces at the start
  • last piece clipping in the piece bar
  • fixed settings and lock button positioning when adjusting the piece bar size

Fixed in 4.0.11

  • pieces drag onto the piece bar
  • grouped pieces do not return to the piece bar
  • the last piece on the piece bar should render properly

Fixed in 4.0.10

  • pieces may separate on drag

Fixed in 4.0.9

  • tag filtering can’t be unset
  • tag list screen performance is terrible
  • the progress bar downloading puzzles doesn’t look good in the larger viewing modes
  • Floating preview dragging
  • Floating preview resizing
  • Floating preview thumbnail in menu


4.05 and 4.06 still crashing on launch

Every time I try to install it, it tells me it’s corrupt. What do I do?


Yep, same here. Corrupt download. Meh stuff happens files get corrupted. I downloaded it twice to make sure it wasn’t on my side.


I think that message was caused by it sharing the same live package name causing Google to verify it was from the App Store when it wasn’t. I have posted an updated link 4.0.7c which uses a different package name, this is installing and opening for me so fingers crossed!


Apparently, when I opened Beta 4.0.7c on my Samsung Galaxy S7, I got this message. Perhaps this must be the cause of the crash, it cannot open without that important file.


That’s going to be helpful, thanks for sharing.


I’ve updated the link with a 4.0.7e version, I was able to reproduce the crash when I compiled the app on a computer at home and then got it opening correctly so hopefully it’s resolved.


Updated the original link with version 4.0.7f, this addresses some of the known issues:

  • difficulty is shown on started and completed puzzles
  • preview image works when resuming a saved puzzle
  • completed puzzles shows the date again


Update the link again, it is corrupt.


Alright let’s try again! http://gofile.me/6x14A/ih2cc28X0


It keeps saying it’s corrupt, why?


Apparently gofile.me doesn’t like me but the dropbox version f is saying it’s corrupt.


Finally managed to pull the gofile version and it launches.


I want to hear about all the bugs! Updating the underlying libraries had some really wide-reaching effects, it changed rendering, rotating, back buttons, performance, there’s surely a ton of stuff I’ve missed.


I’m making a bug thread ill be updating as I have time. I’ll try to cross them off as updates fix them.


Updated with version 4.0.9, the next one will address your issues @Lonn.


Bumping this thread with the 4.0.13 update.

"Puzzleboss unlimited has stopped"

Version 4.0.14 bump, just a little update today only got to a scrolling issue on the gallery.


Version 4.0.15 bump. With a minor addition of fixing a swiping issue.


Puzzleboss Unlimited 4.0.15
I have installed v4.0.15 but it wont work for me. When I try to download new puzzles I cant select any puzzles lower than the first rows. I cant scroll down down to the older ones it judt spins back to the top. I have uninstalled and reinstalled but it still doesnt work as it should.
I cant find v4.0.14 which was working for me, it was installed over when I updated.
Any suggestions would be sppreciated