4.0.21 beta version


Hi JayJay, I pushed that out by mistake yesterday and then quickly updated again. If you got it from the Play Store the fix for that should be available already. It also works to swipe down the left-hand edge of the screen where the scrollbar is.


Updated with version 4.0.16 that should address crashing most commonly seen on Samsung devices. @Granny and @puzzlelover and @Ben_G_and_The_Boov I think this is what you’re waiting for!


Updated with version 4.0.17 that takes care of some rotation issues and background color/texture selection.


I am having an issue with the pieces not interlocking with each other. Can you fix it?


Looking into it. Can you describe what you’re doing when it happens like are they grouped pieces or pieces locked on the board?


I am having the same problem with pieces not interlocking. When I try to join two pieces that
obviously are meant to join they simply wont stay joined.
I have also noticed that occaisionally when I move one piece into position two others move with it, keeping a constant distance away from it.
Hope this helps.


Thanks @JayJay and @Ben_G_and_The_Boov I’m working on a new build to upload today that will resolve this issue.


I have a fix coming for this now as version 4.0.18, it will be about another hour or so until it is ready to upload and then it’ll start becoming available later today on Play, probably tomorrow on iOS and TBD on Amazon as they take between days and weeks to process and approve updates.


The new v4.0.18 has fixed the problem, pieces click together as meant to. Pieces still jump off piece bar in top position though. I have not tried in other positions, will do so now and follow up with more.


I have tried to restart the puzzle I was doing but app closes when selepcting the “restart 260 piece puzzle” and it is doing it with other puzzles that have been previously started also.
Reinstalled app and doing the same thing. I open puzzle and do outline, checked with piece bar in all positions and pieces still jump off either into puzzle or directly under bar itself. Then closed and went to reopen, but app wont open “app has stopped working”.


Thanks for the detailed info @JayJay, going to dive into these issues now.


New version 4.0.19 is being prepared now that should make the piece bar much better along with a few other improvements.


Version 4.0.21 addresses pieces spacing/ungrouping when dragging.

Edit: I put 4.0.20 by mistake here and in the top post too.

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